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Tested: How to Verify Your Google AdSense Address With Bank Statement (PIN)

Tested: How to Verify Your Google AdSense Address With Bank Statement (PIN)

This is a down to earth article on how to verify your AdSense address without stressing yourself or paying all these wicked Bloggers... Don't give anybody your AdSense login details to help you verify your AdSense address ooh just read this..

If after reading this you still fall prey to scammers, then my soul is weeping in secret places for you, lets see what you need to verify your Google Adsense Address (PIN) @ECwinner

You need either a Bank Statement or Voters Card

You need to copy your Publisher ID well without mistakes, to see your Publisher ID just tap on Account Information on your dashboard and copy it... It looks like this Pub-67533231177
How to Verify Your Google Adsense Address With Bank Statement?

Now After requesting for the PIN three times, you wont be given an option to request again because you have exhausted the allowed number of times per account.

Don't Panic at all, just log into your Adsense dashboard as you always do and tap on Account Information, there you will see Verify Address" as an option, tap on it and if it has gotten to 30days or more since you requested for the last PIN you will see  a paragraph beneath the page where you generate your last AdSense pin which reads

 If you don’t receive your PIN after 4 weeks of this date, please complete this form – If you can see this paragraph then there is hope for you.

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