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How To Use Xender as WhatsApp Status Saver

How To Use Xender as WhatsApp Status Saver

To use this feature you must be using the latest Xender application because the feature is only found in the latest Xender version application.

With this method you can save WhatsApp status without downloading WhatsApp status Saver.

Follow this steps and start using Xender as WhatsApp status Saver

Step1: Download and Install the latest Xender application

Step 2: Open the newly downloaded Xender application and click on Social.

Step 3: After clicking on social a new page will be opened where u will see a connect button. Click on the Connect button

Step 4: After clicking on the Connect button you will be redirected to Whatsapp and you will go to status and view any status you want to save.

Step 5: After viewing the status you want to save hit th back button and go back to Xender and you will see the status there from which you will see a download button. Clicking the download button you will be able to view the status on your gallery.

With these new feature on Xender you don't need to download any status Saver. Just use your Xender to save any status you love or desire to see in your gallery.

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    1. Thanks sir we wish to see you on our site again.


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