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How To Secretly Tap Your Partner’s Calls

How To Secretly Tap Your Partner’s Calls

In this post we shall be showing all our readers and users a simple trick you can use to tap into your partner calls.
Just get the phone you want to tap and key in the following:

**62*YOUR PHONE NUMBER# and then send. (You can also use **67*)
When that phone is called, it will ring and after some seconds, the call will be diverted to your phone. So, it is now just like a three way conference call. Wait till the person picks then you can pick yours and listen to both sides of the discussion without being aware.

To cancel key in ##62# or ##67#. (Make sure the two phones have enough credit.) 

A WORD OF CAUTION: This method is bound to bring a lot of problems into relationships, families and what have you.  I personally believe that if strong and standing relationships are tested with this method, ninety percent will crumble. So I will advise you better forget this and let peace reign.

On the other hand, how do you know your line is not being tapped? Yes, because your partner can also be smart. Well for this reason I have decided to give you the antidote to this method so you can make your calls without fear.

ANTIDOTE: This method makes use of call divert. So anytime you want to make a private call, make a habit of always deactivating call divert by keying in the following. ##62# or ##67#.

Hope this article was helpful? Drop your comments and please share.

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