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How To Make Calls From A Locked Phone

How To Make Calls From A Locked Phone

Nowadays everybody are fond of putting password/patterns on our phones which makes it difficult for someone to access it in case of unfortunate situations like phone loss, sickness, accident or even death. But with these few knowledge I'm going to share, perhaps we can save ourselves and the lives of others also.

But before that some settings must be done on your mobile phone. Follow these steps before going to the main ones.
Step 1: Open your Android or IOS phone settings.

Step 2: Click on users and accounts
Step 3: Click on Add contact and add all the contacts you want to appear on the emergency contact section.

Step 4: As we know when our phone is locked, it normally shows enter password, under it you will see emergency. Click on the emergency, then you will see emergency information. Click on the emergency information (2 times). You will see a pencil icon on your extreme right, click on it to edit.

STEP 5: After that you will see your emergency information and slide to contacts and you will see all the contacts you saved in your emergency section. With that you can call any number that has been listed to the emergency contacts without unlocking your phone.


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  1. Thanks this is good for emergency. Can it also work with iPhones


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