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How To Install Yoast Seo Plugin on Wordpress and Benefits

How To Install Yoast Seo Plugin on Wordpress and Benefits

What to Know About Yoast Seo plugin

Yoast is the best Wordpress Seo plugin which is available for free on Wordpress. There is also a pro version of Yoast Seo plugin which offers various pro features lie internal linking suggestions, redirect manager, ad free use, etc.

Why you need Yoast Seo Plugin?

The main reason you  need Yoast Seo Plugin is to rank your blogposts higher on Google search. It provides features which can improve your blog ranking. Some of them are listed below
  • XML sitemap
  •   Breadcumb navigation
  •    Open graph meta tags
  •    Importing data from Google webmaster tools
  •    Social integration

Benefits of using Yoast Seo Plugin

Using Yoast Seo plugin gives you the following benefits for your Wordpress blog/website:

-        Add meta tags to your site

-        Show your post title first

-        Optimize your comments for Seo

-        Make Google Bot crawl your blog daily

-        Image optimization

-        Increase blog ranking

How to Setup Yoast SEO

Install the Yoast SEO plugin easily with one click from your site’s Plugins page.
 Choose “Add New” and select Yoast from the WordPress Plugin Directory. 
Click “Install” and then “Activate” once the installation is complete.
 A new listing will appear for SEO in the left sidebar menu of your admin dashboard. From here, you can customize Yoast SEO settings and set the automated functions you want Yoast to perform.
Yoast provides a lengthy setup wizard that walks you through each step for creating and customizing Yoast SEO settings. If you’re replacing other SEO plugins with Yoast, select “Import” to import their settings into Yoast. Then you can deactivate or delete those other plugins. Yoast settings can be changed at any time as your site evolves.
Whether you’re running a small business site or managing one for a large corporation, Yoast SEO provides the essential tools to optimize any self-hosted WordPress site for maximum searchability. With options for editing and managing features ranging from URLs and links to your site’s current content and archives, the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin makes SEO easy for your WordPress site, even if you don’t know a thing about code.
With all these you can set up your Yoast Seo plugin and watch your website grow in a week. 
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